I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you are asking yourself, “but who is this guy and why should we subscribe or listen?”

That’s fair.

To sum things up simply, I am a fantasy baseball die-hard with nearly two decades of experience playing our favorite game. Over the years my interest in league formats has ranged from shallow mixed leagues, to 50-round, 15 team mixed, draft & hold leagues, to AL and NL only leagues.

Obviously, as the title of this site would indicate, I’ve leaned heavily towards the American League Only style of play in recent years. Enough so that creating an entire blog revolving around this limited player pool and format seemed like a good idea.

This isn’t to say that I do not still play and enjoy mixed leagues. Each off-season (typically beginning in December), I’ll draft a handful of 50 round “Draft Champion” teams. Going 750 players deep early in the fantasy baseball season is a great way to prepare for our more important AL Only league(s). Plus, I’ve found these leagues to be easy money for owners who never stop researching and preparing for the upcoming season.

My goal for this site is simply a place to share knowledge gained, strategies tried and release thoughts that pertain to the American League player pool.

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